New Technology

This new range of Black Diamond Video Interview systems has been designed with superior capability in mind. This new range has hardware that will allow for full HD recording and Live Streaming. SD composite cameras as well as full HD cameras via HDMI and IP are also supported. Software is being developed to support IP cameras.

Most modern Interview systems offer live streaming capabilities but only allow post conversion back to MPEG 2 for recording onto DVD which can create time delays and also loss of quality of the recording. The Black Diamond 107 Series Interview systems will allow for simultaneous dual encoding to both MPEG2 and MPEG4 , meaning regardless of whether you require DVD copies of the interviews or cloud storage, live video streaming, the quality of your interview quality is not compromised. Black Diamond 107 Series Interview systems have a broadcast full HD quality hardware processing with the software being progressively developed as our customer needs evolve allowing for a high level of futureproofing.

Adaptability and Future Proof

Black Diamond can adapt the capability of our systems to incorporate your specific interviewing requirements. All units can generate both MPEG 2 and MPEG 4 (H.264) files in parallel so either DVDs can be burnt off, or interviews can be stored on networks or live streamed. The opportunities are endless. Please contact us for the latest feature options.

Hardware and Software

Black Diamond supports multiple recording platforms from standard definition to HD, depending on customer requirements. These interview systems can be software configured to meet changing back office architectural and recording platform requirements. The Hardware has been futureproofed by fully supporting twin camera PIP as well as having a number of real-time video scalers that support video resolution scaling and conversion from HD to SD to be fully compliant with the MPEG2 DVD standard. As recording standards evolve and the needs of our customers change, new software can be developed using our very flexible hardware platform.

Robust/Tamper Proof

Black Diamond systems are built with superior componentry to last and withstand rough treatment. All units are designed to be tamper proof to ensure video evidence is kept safe.

Internal Storage

Designed to store up to the last 99 interviews internally, the Black Diamond interview systems add another level of evidence preservation and protection.

Easy to Use

Designed with a traffic light operating system, Black Diamond can be used successfully by anyone. Spend time focusing on obtaining the right information, not trying to figure out how to record it. Black Diamond interview systems have an inbuilt skilled operator that warns the interviewer of any problems occurring during the process.

Evidence Integrity

With over 24 years in the evidential recording business, Black Diamond understands the need to be able to obtain video evidence that can be trusted as true and accurate. Black Diamond is designed with evidence integrity in mind. Systems come complete with 3 dedicated digital signal processors to enable compression and decompression of video signals in real time. Accurate time date stamping is digitally placed on every picture frame.

Superior Audio Visual

Black Diamond systems are able to record superior audio quality even in poor acoustic rooms. They can capture video from existing dual composite video sources at full D1 resolution and full HD with dual HDMI or IP camera inputs*. The Black Diamond interview units use our specially developed robust stereo boundary microphones which are now available in both digital and analogue options.


The purpose built Black Diamond P107 portable unit is designed as a robust light weight self-contained unit for the purpose of field interviews where evidence integrity is still vital. The portable models have remote monitor options that allow for both covert and overt style interviewing.

*Software to support IP Cameras is in development.

What makes our technology superior