Industry sectors successfully using Melview Systems

Since 1985 the New Zealand economy has undergone massive reengineering, including a significant programme of privatisation of State assets, deregulation of the exchange rate and removal of trade barriers, and an implementation of the "user pays" philosophy.

Despite this political climate and an intense scrutiny of agency expenditure, the New Zealand Police recognised the economic, productivity and social gains possible through the use of electronic videotaping of interviews, interrogations and depositions, and for higher penalty crimes this form of interview is now mandatory nationwide. Furthermore, many of the benefits anticipated above were confirmed by the results of a report written about the impact of recorded interviews on the legal system, several years after the videotaping policy was first implemented.

To reduce training costs for our customers we have kept the same easy to use traffic light control system since 1993. Green to start (red for some export customers), Red to stop, Yellow to burn off the interviews.

Some industries successfully using our systems:

  • Police
  • Customs
  • Armed Forces
  • Social Welfare (e.g. Child Abuse)
  • Independent Tribunals
  • Agriculture & Fisheries
  • Immigration
  • ACC
  • Many other government authorities
Who uses Melview