Melview Black Diamond Series 107 Model Specifications

Features Series 107
User Interface Control Panel
Control Buttons 12
LCD Display 2 Line 20 Character
Volume Control Up/Down Buttons
Power Touch STBY Button
Internal Microphone 2 * Digital Microphones (Option)
Headphone Socket Stereo 3.5mm Mini Jack
Rear Panel - Video Camera in Composite Composite RCA * 2
Camera in HDMI 2 * HDMI
Camera in IP 1 Dedicated 1GB Ethernet Port
Monitor Out 2 Composite, 1 HDMI, Ethernet
Rear Panel - Audio Analogue Out 2 * Stereo RCA Line Outputs
Analogue In Microphone Stereo Balance via 5 Pin XLR
Digital Microphone Input Stereo 4 Pin XLR
Line Audio In 2 * Stereo RCA Line Inputs
Line Audio Out 2 * Stereo RCA Line Level Outputs
Internal Display TFT Out KYOCERA 800 * 480 RGB High Contrast LED 7" 16 * 9 Monitor
Interface Inputs RS232 In/Out 3.5mm Phone
LAN 2 * 1 GB Ethernet (IP Camera In and Separate Ethernet)
PS2 Keyboard Input 2 * USB ports
Internal Features Internal Audio
Separate Internal Microphones Digital Stereo
Stereo Audio Power Amplifier 2Watts RMS per Channel Class D
Audio EQ DSP
Record Level Control Electronic
Main Volume Electronic
Balance Electronic
Audio Input Select Ex-Mic, Recorder, AUX, Digital Mic External, Digital Mic Internal, AUX CH3 & CH4
Audio Input Attenuator Yes
Auto Headphone Speaker Mute Yes
Auto Audio Power Amp Mute Yes
Camera Detection From Raw Digital Stream
Audio V/U Meters LCD Detected from Raw Digital Stream
PIP/Expansion Inbuilt PIP (Future Upgrade Option)
Real time clock 10 Year Battery Back-up Standard CR2032 Battery in a Socket
Service Menu Adjust Yes
Auto Calibration from Internet Yes
Stand Alone Accuracy Accuracy ±2ppm
Processor CPU Ti Da Vinci DM8169 Full HD Broadcast Video Processor. ARM 1.2 GHz
SSD Storage SSD480gb Intel
Flash Upgrade Via LAN, USB, DVD
Service Menus Yes via Video Monitor
Failure Log Yes
Hours of Recording Recorder and Controller Log
Internal Dedicated Real-time HD Video Coprocessors 3 * MPEG2 Encoding, H.264 Encoding and IP Camera Decoding
PCIe 2 ~ 4 SATA Interface Card
Direct SATA 2
HDMI Out 1
Memory 1 GB DDR3 (RAM), 256MB NAND Flash (Program Memory) and 480GB SSD (Interview Files and System Logs)
Power 110VAC ~ 240VAC Switch Mode Power Supply
Internal DC Power Source 9 ~ 20VDC Input Range for Battery Powered Option
Alarms 5 Minutes Remaining N/A as 10 hours Continuous Record
No Audio Alarms if no Audio Level Change for 30 Second then 5 Minutes after Audio Detected
No Video No Digital Stream Detected
No Camera Yes
Recorder Failure Yes
Send Email Failure Message Yes (With Future LAN Options)
Features Playback Option Either DVD or Recorded File
Video Dub Recorder 1 to either or both Recorder 2 and 3
Password Protection Password Protected Service Menus Yes
Auto Standby and Sleep Mode Yes
Case Outer Case Aluminium Powder Coated Black
Control Panel Label Rear Printed Polyester
Width 200mm
Depth 260mm
Height 250mm (Portable) 440 (Fixed Station)
Weight Under 4kgs (Including 3 DVD burners and DVD Recording Components) for the Portable. Fixed Station Approx 8.5kgs plus Keyboard and External Microphone
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